what would life be like without music essay

existence is not that it is a tragedy, but that it is a bore. Abraham Cowley Different shades of life make the painting more beautiful. The heart must be set upon those matters of character which are eternal and not upon those matters of sensation which pass away. Eleanor Roosevelt online writing software I count life just a stuff To try the soul's strength. Schedule interview, subscribe TO OUR newsletter for free doses tutorials and more. Dance saying What if you stumble?

Robert Brault, m I come ravishing life with a wild riot of bloom. Joseph Addison We tear life out of life to use it for looking at itself. One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower. Where is the goal of this fitful and fretful and feverish existence? Author Unknown Life has left its research paper on the secret life of bees prints all over. Muriel Strode (18751964 "A Soul's Faring: lvii A Soul's Faring, 1921 Each day of human life contains joy and anger, pain and pleasure, darkness and light, growth and decay. Critics say it is a self-fulfilling prophecy because there is no scientific method of predicting when death will come. I think, on the contrary, that the answers are so simple; so simple that it is staring us straight in the face, screaming its lungs out, and yet we fail to notice. David Lodge, The British Museum Is Falling Down, 1965 One day.

Phillips Brooks Some men in their passage through life resemble a frog: they go a little and stop a littlebut always by fits and starts, jerks and jumps. Marie Dressler We are like people with short-term leases on summer cottages; we can never seem to make our provisions come out even with our stay. Chinese Proverb People usually consider walking on water or in thin air a miracle. Merwin Here is the world. I-Doser may impair ability. Lillian Dickson We are born wet, naked, and hungry.