non consequentialist theory essay

Constitution. However, negative utilitarianism lays out a consequentialist theory that focuses solely on minimizing bad consequences. Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy. tags: Immanuel Kant Deontology Ethics Strong Essays 430 words (1.2 pages). Similarly, a consequentialist theory may aim at the maximization of a particular virtue or set of virtues.

What is primarily at stake here is the responsibility of the agent. 12 This was advocated by Auguste Comte, who coined the term "altruism and whose ethics can be summed up in the phrase "Live for others". 5 During Mozi 's era, war and famines were common, and population growth was seen as a moral necessity for a harmonious society.

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Action guidance edit One important characteristic of many normative moral theories such as consequentialism is the ability to produce practical moral judgements. Non consequentialist theory essay and persuasive writing service uk, The Life of Frederick Douglas. Utilitarianism: For and Against. University of South Africa. In the following essay, I will explain Williamss attack on consequentialism, and Railtons argument that consequentialism need not deny the agent integrity. Citation needed Utilitarian-type theories hold that the end consists in an experience or feeling produced by the action. Thousand Oaks, CA: sage ; Cato Institute. Karl Popper, for example, claimed afs reflective essay "from the moral point of view, pain cannot be outweighed by pleasure.". Department of Philosophy, Practical Systematic Theology. 22 Teleological theories differ on the nature of the end that actions ought to promote. The importance of outcomes that are good for the community outweigh the importance of individual pleasure and pain.

Non consequentialist theory essay
non consequentialist theory essay

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