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often repeated and consistent concrete actioneven though if i would become a doctor essay it may be inadequate and though it may ease only insignificantly the suffering of a single insignificant citizenthan it does in some abstract fundamental solution in an uncertain future. It is hard to imagine an easier way to a totalitarianism of the human spirit. That task is one of resisting vigilantly, thoughtfully, and attentively, but at the same time with total dedication, at every step and everywhere, the irrational momentum of anonymous, impersonal, and inhuman power the power of ideologies, systems, apparat, bureaucracy, artificial languages, and political slogans. Conversely, one can imagine life being quite bearable even where the laws are imperfect and imperfectly applied. Havel became president, his wife seldom took part in formal events, but used her new platform to campaign for the handicapped. Once again, the events of 1968 confirm this. This principle of legality, which provides both the point of departure and the framework for their activities, is common to all "dissident" groups in the Soviet bloc, even though individual groups have never worked out any formal agreement on that point. In July 1992, as Czechoslovakia began to break up,.

Who could have foreseen that the prosecution of one or two obscure rock groups would have such far-reaching consequences? If some of the most important political impulses in Soviet bloc countries in recent years have come initiallythat is, before being felt on the level of actual powerfrom mathematicians, philosophers, physicians, writers, historians, ordinary workers, and so on, more frequently than from politicians, and. The latent social crisis in such societies can at any time, independently of these movements, provoke a wide variety of political changes. It could also simply have come from the fact that people in the official structures who more or less identified with the official ideology came up against reality as it really was and as it gradually became clear to them through latent social crises and. In the preface, Zantovsky confesses that he was, in a sense, in love with Havel, but contends that "being in love with the subject of one's biography is not necessarily the best qualification for writing it, for it brings with it the risks of hagiography. As a man of the technological era, he can conceive of a remedy only within the limits of technology say, a catalytic scrubber fitted to the chimney. At the same time, however, perhaps every Chartist is familiar enough with the specific nature of conditions in the post-totalitarian system to realize that it is not only the struggle for human rights that has its own peculiar political power, but incomparably more "innocent" activities. People were inspired to feel a genuine sense of solidarity with the young musicians and they came to realize that not standing up for the freedom of others, regardless of how remote their means of creativity or their attitude to life, meant surrendering one's own. As the apex of it all, man has constructed a vision of a scientifically calculable and technologically achievable universal wellare, that need only be invented by experimental institutes while industrial and bureaucratic factories turn it into reality.

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