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greatness. Even well-known Tamil scholar Thiruvaachakamani.M. Narayanaswami Iyer and Raghava Iyengar, etc., in Tamil Nadu and staunch Hindu activists such as Arumuka Navalar,.W. Pope wrote the translation of major portion of Thiruvaachakam staying in a town called Lugano in Italy, wherein he used to regularly visit the. Tamil as a language is at the least 2000 years old. Pope exhibits the typical Christian hatred for murti puja by terming it an act of stupidity. The more philosophical and refined the Saivite becomes the more enthusiastic does he often appears to be in the performance of the incongruous rites of the popular worship. His contribution to the preservation of Tamil classics was phenomenal. They aver, no doubt, his organizational skills were excellent in spearheading the iatr. Drdo is working in various areas of military technology which include Aeronautics, Armaments, Combat Vehicles, Electronics, Instrumentation Engineering Systems, Missiles, Materials, Naval Systems, Advanced Computing, Simulation and Life Sciences.

tamil essay writing

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Does the distortion made.U. It was not an oral legacy as alleged by Christians and Dravidian racists. Balasubramaniam, who has great admiration for.U. Fortunately for Tamil Nadu, his European masters were not happy with his inculturation methods and subjected him to an enquiry which forced him to shift to other places like Trichy and Salem. But, the dictionary of alphabetical order was introduced by Foreigners. The Portuguese Inquisition in Goa was a bloody and terrible chapter in Indian history and the British oppression started with the advent of East India Company. He fully utilised the Aryan-Dravidian theories concocted by German linguist Max Mueller and imposed them on Tamil Hindus as true history. According to the website m It was Father Xavier Stanislaus Thaninayagam who founded the International Association of Tamil Research (iatr) and called the first International Conference of Tamil Studies in 1965.

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