makeup vs natural beauty essay

different image of themselves. . The study also showed that the more makeup a woman was wearing the higher evaluation they received. In a research study they found that men saw women more appealing when they wore makeup versus no makeup. In order to keep up the the medias portrayal of beauty women can use a number of cosmetics to help enhance or accentuate a part of their look. Peoples perception of beauty and their fondness between natural or cosmetic beauty has been the subject of numerous debates. By using moisturiser on a daily basis you can keep your skin looking hydrated whilst still looking fresh even if you have just got out of bed! Many would say if something isn't broken there is no need to fix it, while on the other hand in todays society countless models and celebrities in the public eye are displaying more cosmetic beauty than natural beauty.

makeup vs natural beauty essay

Natural Beauty, and Artificial, beauty.
Natural beauty is merely embellished and enhanced by make.
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Cosmetic, beauty Beauty is an object which is respected and admired by tons of women in the United States.

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Psychological Reports: Volume 113, Issue,. In todays generation people are a lot more judgmental, therefore many women believe they have imperfections and flaws. It could also be very expensive. . Everyone has their own preference so really it is not my intention to judge anyone. This is where the medias portrayal of real beauty comes. It also takes too much time fixing all of this imperfections. . Filling confident with what God gave you from the day you were born, gives you a more outgoing personality to where you can go hiking, camping, play more sports, because you are not constantly worried about how your skin, make up, or hair, when.

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