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Dependent on Technology? There is no doubt that technology invades almost every aspect of our life now, from how we communicate, to how we relax, learn, and even receive the news. We would lose what has become the largest portal for communication. Technology is changing quite faster. The main issue that bothers many people is the fact that there is a whole generation of children who are being raised in such a way that technology fills most of their needs. As exciting as it may sound, I cant deny that we are becoming dependent on technology quite fast. Those evening games after school is over, watching cartoons on a Sunday or playing with friends are no longer there. We rely on it more than we rely on skills that used to be important, however being a hunter and builder used to be important skills, and society hasnt crumbled as a result of the change into modernism. If the internet is down, all the tasks are over for the day.

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People do not live in the moment. If you were to ask somebody what a computer was sixty years ago they would look at you look at you puzzled. I can admit that when we talk of technology, its hard to resist the benefits it comes with. The amount of concentration put to these devices something to worry about especially when it comes to dealing with issues in the family. We, especially teenagers, are familiar with this kind of situation. Children have changed their sources of entertainment over the years, and yet one thing that remains the same is that they still rely on their parents and families for food, shelter, clothing, and nurture. Actually, these items have become a part of our lives that is indispensable and there is no chance of lacking or losing them. The change in the social life of children and young generation causes to research upon technologys usage of young people. These were considered vital skills at one point, and are on the verge of being lost completely.

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