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by rewriting the selected"; begin summarizing the examples you used to cite throughout the essay. Professional Notice: Talk about the specific conditions that can change the authors point of view. If you follow all the tips you will create an intelligent critical lens essay and best thesis award iisc will easily convince the reader that you are aware of your topic to the smallest detail. Here is what one of the college teachers offered: Prepare an essay, in which the author talks about a couple of literary pieces he/she has read from the certain aspect of the claim given in the Critical Lens. Tone: use your specific attitude towards the audience or subject.

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Name the two literary pieces that support your position. In this case, you start with a"tion, which you view through a "critical lens." This viewing involves restating the"tion in your own words, thus interpreting. Here you need to specify the given" in particular. This way, youll be able to convey the message of the" while using your own words. First of all, the process of writing a critical lens essay involves offering a response to the perspective presented in the given". Point out some evidence collected from the primary sources to motivate the target readers to start thinking about your topic by going on with the independent research.

Writing Process, the process for writing the introduction informs how you write your thesis statement. The mission is to come up with the general enclosing sentence, which will leave a strong, positive impact on the reader along with the intrigue and desire to learn more on the discussed topic. The database based on Word Net is a lexical database for the English Language.