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and it's sometimes like hearing a Byrds in which McGuinn's reedy voice and kindly, mischievous space cowboy persona were even more dominant. Though a few musicians (including, briefly, the young Jackson Browne) passed in and out of the Gentle Soul, the band centered around the male-female harmonizing duo of Rick Stanley and Pamela Polland. Q: Why do you think the material on the album never found release, either in the form it was recorded or as re-recordings on an official Gene Clark LP? The album sneaked out virtually unnoticed in 1967 (though one discography gives a release date of February 1968 with only about one thousand copies pressed - about half of them, according to Fankhauser, given away. Plus there's nothing from the '60s/early '70s British folk-rock scene, many of whose rarities have been discussed in a couple of recent RC features by Colin Harper (in "Top 20 Neglected Brit-Folk Gems RC 305) and Richard Morton Jack (in "Strange Folk RC 309). You see, we didn't have a cut that jumped off our record in the ears of those A R guys who bought projects at labels. Fortunately, neither of the albums have been too hard to find as reissues since the 1960s, starting with a two-for-one package of the pair as a double LP back in 1971 (titled The Best of Mimi and Richard Faria). "Fred was just sitting in a chair with his 12-string, and was such a resonant singer.

A: Getting the right people together. Given Valenti's, um, unconventional attitude toward major label recording, it's something of a miracle that an album got finished and issued at all.

Q: What were Melcher's greatest contributions to the record? I think Nick was more involved in our group and the Stone Poneys as far as direction went. And even though about half of Young Blood is wholly acoustic, and much of the material derived from traditional folk and blues sources, he was already putting rock and pop inflections into his inflections on cuts like "Rider" and "Trouble in Mind." The same could. I was the rough stone. But apart requiem for a dream term paper from that I'm just trying to keep my life as normal as possible.". There were some surprising moves toward pop and acid rock, however.

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rounders movie essay

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