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Pullmans series.S. He is the series' main antagonist. Coulter, an agent of the Magisterium who has learned of the prophecy identifying Lyra as the next Eve. When Will and Lyra emerge from the land of the dead, they find their dmons. The idea, Pullman notes, was visually inspired by Leonardo da Vincis painting. Will Parry, a sensible, morally conscious, assertive 12-year-old boy from our world. He is an explorer from our world who discovered a portal to Lyra's world and became the shaman known as Stanislaus Grumman or Jopari, a corruption of his original name.

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Cittgazze's reckless use of the technology has released soul-eating Spectres, to which children are immune, rendering much of the world incapable of transit by adults. He controls the Church, an oppressive religious institution. 17 18 The Observer cites Northern Lights as one of the 100 best novels. He becomes vulnerable to the seductive advances of Marisa Coulter, who betrays him by luring him into the underworld to his death. Lyra recruits Iorek Byrnison, an armoured bear, and his human aeronaut friend, Lee Scoresby. Photogram: A photograph ; more primitive than those in our own world but able to be developed in multiple ways. The play was enormously successful and was revived (with a different cast and a revised script) for a second run between November 2004 and April 2005. (Great) North Ocean: The North Atlantic Ocean combined with the European region of the Arctic Ocean. Chthonic Railway Station: An underground railway station.

Mulefa are four-legged wheeled animals; they have one leg in front, one in back, and one on each side. Malone to attempt to communicate with the particles, and when she does they tell her to travel into the Cittgazze world. The Golden Compass, thinking the name a reference to young Lyras alethiometer. In addition to all the daemons, special effects and world-hopping, the play also managed to show an elaborate fight between two armored polar bears. There are always compromises". Archived from the original on Retrieved BBC News 29 November 2007 Grenier, Cynthia (October 2001).