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a developing country and a lot of white collar crimes are being committed in Pakistan. However, it would not have been possible without the kind support and help of many individuals and our kind teacher. In those countries, especially Pakistan where majority of people are illiterate considered the paradise of white collar crimes including consumer fraud. Consumer fraud is one of the eight types of white collar crimes. Academic journal article, pakistan Journal of Criminology, by Khan, Muhammad Atique; Mahmood, Babak. Police Education and Training in Pakistan: Pakistan Journal of Criminology. The present research only focused on most important type of white collar crimes namely consumer fraud. According to national accountability bureau of Pakistan, a significant amount of money is embezzled in Pakistan on daily basis. This is a preview of subscription content, to check access. Over 94,000 books, access to powerful writing and research tools.

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A, cknowledgment, i have taken efforts in this project. These eight types of white collar crimes are namely: Securities related crimes, Bankruptcy fraud, Fraud against the government, Consumer fraud, Insurance fraud, Tax fraud, Bribery, corruption, and political fraud and finally the Insider related fraud. As far as consumer fraud is concerned, a majority of people are deprived of their valuables in Pakistan on daily basis. In Karachi, Pakistan china cutting is in process and the sole aim of this is to increase the profit of the white collar criminals. Theft is also common in Pakistan. Table.8, situation of Crime in Pakistan.

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