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the crime of causing the deaths of the pilots and is going to commit suicide. His words relate back to Joes version of the story of the cylinder descriptive essay about an event heads incident in Act One. Their play together mostly centering around a jail (check out "Symbols underlines the image of Joe as a good father). Its good I went to him in time another year thered be nothing left but his smell. A man capable of immense affection and loyalty" (1.102). Joes response, that somebodys gotta make a living, implies that it is necessary to be ignorant in order to make money. Ann Deever"s, ann is the daughter of Steve Deever, former neighbor of the Kellers, as well as former fiance of the dead Larry Keller. He lives with his wife, Sue, next door to the Kellers. This is why the play is called All My Sons.

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And as time passed they got it confused and I ended up a detective. Related Characters: (speaker (speaker, Page Number and Citation: 43, explanation and Analysis: Unlock explanations and citation info for this and every other, all My Sons". (Act Two chris is bantering affectionately with Joe, referring to Joe as an ignoramus. Using bitter sarcasm, George says this to Chris about his father, Steve, in response to Chriss asking after him.

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He grew up as the Kellers' neighbor before his father was imprisoned for selling faulty goods to the military. Everything that happened seems to be coming back. (Act One the speaker in this", Joe, has just heard that George Deever has been to visit his father, Steve, in prison. Chris to Ann: You ever meet a bigger ignoramus? George is only around. I like it an hour a day. Millers point is that people are responsible for everyone whose lives are touched by their actions, not just for the few members of their immediate family.

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