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group in urban areas was 12 times that of the poorest group; in 2012, it had increased to essay about my high school days 15-fold. In 2008, 17 of the people in the developing countries are on the verge of starvation. 32) "only 2,161 was needed in order to belong to the top half of the world wealth distribution, but to be a member of the top 10 required at least 61,000 and membership of the top 1 required more than 500,000 per adult." (Davies. Only.7 of the world has one million dollars or more in wealth. This can be seen through the bar graph on the right. This resulted in a "reversal of fortune" around 1800 as regions which were under-developed at the time of colonization were able to industrialize more effectively.

Sanitation stations help avoid contaminating clean water that can be used for drinking or cooking. For example, with regard to income inequality, according to some estimates by Branko Milanovic from the World Bank : "An American having the average income of the bottom.S. It has been argued that the presence or absence of strong economic institutions is a primary determinant of development. The corresponding figures for the top 5, top 2, and top 1 are 71 (14.2 times the average 51 (25 times the average) and 40 (40 times the average respectively.

Poor and, rich, gap in, india - Civil Service, india Rich - poor divide in, india widening as economy grows: Report Why is there so much disparity between poor and rich in, india?

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A similar multi-fold difference is seen in other key items of expenditure like education, medical and durable goods. However, this did not change their economy level. 23 (1 278, 301, 369, 456. According to some estimates, for instance: "The richest 1 of people in the world receive as much as the bottom 57, or in other words, less than 50 million richest people receive as much.7 billion poor." (Milanovic 2002,. . One reason is because of the ongoing armed conflicts going on throughout countries. In contrast to the industrialized states, from 1980 to 1990 many southern states experienced a decline in social spending as a percentage of overall government spending. First Published: May 12, 2017 07:06 IST). The Millennium Development Goals Report. Pay attention to women: Women play a large role in inequality through the raising of children. 50) With regard to wealth inequality (researchers defined wealth as the value of physical and financial assets minus debts a 2006 report with data from 2000 concluded that: "India dominates the bottom third of the global wealth distribution, contributing a little under 27 of this. In India, pensions cover only 40 of the elderly, landlessness among Dalits and Muslims is highest and these two (legally illiterate) communities are in high proportion in jails. News coverage: 7 and.