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White Girls is a profile of Andr Leon Talley, the former editor-at-large of Vogue, which if he was called on to write now, says Als, he would approach differently. It may still be as good a statement of his purpose and methods as any. I also really want to write about my aunt, my fathers sister, who had been a brilliant pianist with perfect pitch but ended up as the powder-room attendant at the Rainbow Room. But I never think from a category. It made me so happy that we can actually now start to humanise him. Bollen: Did you ever meet Pryor? I think I was able to do things very early by myself, he says. Ive never read anything that helped me with this issue, except by the people who. Truman Capote was that devised, or is it really him? Her mother was Irish, maybe, or half something.

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Jackson was too scared to look inwards, so really he was incapable of making art. Connection is the thread Als follows in his 2013 collection of essays, White Girls, which is published in the UK this month. Im not a vindictive person. It was a bit like 1988, when I lived in Brooklyn and heard about an apartment in Tribeca. ALS, its a great question, because I now, at last, have a grown-up apartment, the first place where I can really workand sort of drift around. Als eye moves between the sweeping and the specific, creating a mosaic of thoughts and observations, taking in the landscape of a New York ravaged by aids and his private grief for his lost lover, imagining silent film star Louise Brookes drawling inner life, and.

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