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highly experimental, and may change based on user suggestions. That is the images were 'blended together'. In other words, the alpha channel on the destination is unchanged but the image colors are overlaid by any non-transparent parts of the source image. See Geometry Resize and Layering images with Composite. As you can see this is great for adding a hard shadow, without needing to worry about expanding the image size. To understand, and remember what each of the above compose methods do, the resulting image would be the same as if you said. Change_Mask (Make similar pixels transparent) This is an unusual method that will only make specific pixels in the destination image full-transparent. Internally, it modifies the special composition control setting "outside-overlay (See Next). Note that a 'Screen' composition will only make an image brighter, never darker.

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Our grid pads are gummed at the top and give you a very smooth edge when removed. The ' Linear_Dodge ' compose method was added to IM version.5.4-3. The default " -channel " setting is 'rgbk, Sync'. The biggest problem with this compose method is that any transparency in either image will not be preserved. This is equivalent to the " -average " image sequence operator, but with two images. In these examples I added some extra construction lines (which are also not gravity effected) to show how the position is applied from the center point of the image. Even if only two images are given a new image is still created and two separate compositions are applied.

Unfortunately while " -gravity " and " -geometry " settings will let you re-position the source image, the mask image is NOT re-positioned, and remains aligned with the destination image. ' Light which both darkens and lightens images based on the the darkness and brightness of one of the images. Text Positioning using Draw While in the above I used a 'text offset' to position the text relative to the " -gravity " point, it is not the only way to. Composite -tile f netscape: f One common use of composite tiling is to tile a semi-transparent copyright or some other notice over images before publishing them on the net. Definition and Terms The more important image is the background image, also often called the destination image, is the image that is modified by Image Composition. On top of the long list of " -compose " methods there are some that require extra numerical arguments to work correctly. Its formula is: Dest / (1- Src ) example and practical use needed here In actual fact ' ColorDodge ' and the two ' Divide ' operators can produce the same results. On the other hand "Picture Publisher and "PhotoImpact" use the color lightness (as defined by the HSL colorspace) for the comparison.