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this question, please do remember that what you describe as your greatest should also have enough substance and impact on your life to claim that spot in your life- the greatest. As far as unnecessary points, that last phrase is a polite warning that anything extra must be pretty darn important. Share a brief fact about yourself that your classmates would find interesting, surprising, or noteworthy. Also, if you choose an older story above, make this one more recent. Im most afraid. If you believe your credentials and essays represent you fairly, you shouldn't feel obligated to answer this question.(300 words) Optional Essay Tips You could write this essay if you need to detail certain impressive contributions or qualities that you could not capture in the other. Majority of our customers receive interview invites and a good number are admitted. The minor academy of Finance as my academic and CFA Chartership in the Kelley will be as indispensable as my previous related experience to bring long-term sustainable financial status and thus enable me to work as a consultant in the financial area. Kelley Indiana, no change from the last year, Kelley has kept the same set of essays. Round, application Deadline, r1, r2 R3,.

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The second part is how this particular B-school will help you achieve your professional and personal goals. You bring with your experiences, industry and functional knowledge, your unique perspectives as well as your passions and interests. My greatest challenge has nyu application essay prompt 2011 been. You could talk to current student and alums and understand how the school has benefited them and that will provide good material for your own essay. When talking about pride, try to throw light on how and why this is important for you. How Personal is Too Personal in Your Application Essays?

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