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also based on American syllabus. Additionally, Will has worked with Australian International School students, exploring the relationship between our environment and knowledge. The, science section of the ACT does not necessarily ask questions that require specific knowledge of Biology, Chemistry, or Physics; but rather asks questions that require general knowledge of scientific method, interpreting data, analyzing and evaluating research, and drawing scientifically reasoned conclusions based on comprehensive. For a student from Shatin College, the concepts of atomic structure and organic chemistry were tutored. As a student, Daniel achieved perfect scores of 800 - putting him in the 99th percentile - on his SAT Math and SAT Math IIC tests. He has also taught the CIE igcse History syllabus to students from UK schools, including Wycombe Abbey School and Tonbridge School. To an AQA AS/A2 student from City of London Freemen's School (UK Don provided tuition in the current account, capital account, and balance of payments. These are the common topics taught in the syllabus of popular university entry examinations like A-level and. Since joining IST, Dr Szeto has experience tutoring the diverse complement of topics comprising the Edexcel igcse Chemistry syllabus. At New College of Florida, you are part of an intellectual community research paper on bodybuilding that inspires and challenges you to pursue the limitless possibilities in your future.

He taught various AS and pictorial essay writing A2 topics, including but not limited to elasticities, circular flow model, aggregate demand and aggregate supply analysis, multiplier effect in the AS syllabus, comparative and absolute advantage, comparison between exchange rate systems, balances of payment, revenue and cost analysis and. This includes publishing numerous research articles in peer-reviewed internationally recognized journals, with several of these research articles winning awards for scholastic excellence. Additionally, he has taught a range of IB English Literature texts, including Ernest Hemingway's The Sun Also Rises, The Sailor Who Fell From Grace with the Sea by Yukio Mishima and The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde. Business and Management Tutor Business and Management Miss Tania Motwani holds a Bachelor of Science in Management from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). Don has tutored Marketing Research and Analysis to a gcse students from The Royal High School, Bath (UK) and KGV; and Human Resource Management and Motivation Theory to an AS/A2 A-Level student from Beechwood Sacred Heart School (UK). Prior to joining IST, Dr Szeto was at the University of Hong Kong conducting discovery driven research in the Department of Chemistry. Chemistry is one of the most important subjects as it is required by most of the top medical schools in the world. In aggregate, Daniel has around a decade of experience in teaching or tutoring at various levels. For students from cdnis and Chinese International school, the concepts relating to separation techniques and energy changes were reviewed. Daniel teaches Biology up to A-level/IB/Pre-U standard. For students from German Swiss International School concepts such stoichiometry, equilibria and electrochemistry were taught, while topics such as acid and bases, thermodynamics, and rates of reactions were revised with students from Singapore International School.

Jonathan also helped on researching Chinese economy with a student in tackling the investigation paper (Paper 3) in his Cambridge Pre-U exam. He has taught topics including but not limited to differentiation, quadratic equations, non-right angle trigonometry, probabilities and transformation of graphs. Will has also tutored IB English Literature focusing on texts, such as A Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams, Season of Migration to the North by Tayeb Salih and Mrs Warrens Profession by George Bernard Shaw; all ow which are set texts for students.

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