research papers on biosurfactants

diferentes sustratos que conforman los denominados grupos funcionales. Biosurfactants possess desirable features like: nontoxic character, biodegradability, high effectiveness, safety, environmental friendliness and nonallergic character, which are essential in modern industry 7,. Biodegradation, edited by, rolando Chamy, first chapter, biodegradability of Water from Crude Oil Production. This increases the apparent solubility of Hydrophobic Organic Contaminants (HOC). Bio-based surface active compounds are categorized into oleochemical surfactants, saponins and biosurfactants, the last of which are the subject of interest the birthmark critical essays of this paper. Visit for more related articles.

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American Journal of Drug Discovering and Development 1: 58-69. Biosurfactant applications in the environmental industries are promising due to their biodegradability, low toxicity and effectiveness in enhancing biodegradation and solubilization of low solubility compounds. Microbial surfactants (Biosurfactants) are amphiphilic london magazine essayist crossword compounds produced in living spaces or excreted extracellular hydrophobic and hydrophilic moieties that confer on the organism the ability to accumulate between fluid phases thus reducing surface and interfacial tension. Ron EZ, Rosenberg E (2001) Natural roles of biosurfactants. The non-polar part consists of hydroxylated fatty acid and -glycosidically molecule. Further, emergence of pesticide resistant insect populations as well as rising prices of new chemical pesticides have stimulated the search for new eco-friendly vector control tools. Application of biosurfactant in microbial enhanced oil recovery Microbial enhanced oil recovery includes use of microorganisms and the exploitation of their metabolic processes to increase production of oil from marginally producing reservoirs. References Cunha CD, Do Rosario M, Rosado AS, Leite SGF (2004) Serratia sp svgg 16: A promising bio-surfactant producer isolated from tropical soil during growth with ethanol-blended gasoline. Mohan PK, Nakhla G, Yanful EK (2006) Biokinetics of biodegradability of surfactants under aerobic, anoxic and anaerobic conditions. The first group includes glycolipids, lipopeptides and phospholipids, which are more effective in lowering surface and interfacial tensions 7,. Also in agriculture, surfactants are used for hydrophilization of heavy soils to obtain good wettability and to achieve even distribution of fertilizer in the soil.

research papers on biosurfactants

Currently most of research in biosurfactant area is focused on 1st and 2nd grade based on commercial considerations. Can anyone provide the papers explaining the biophysics of bacterial biosurfactant? The role of biosurfactants in natural attenuation processes has not been determined.

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