essay on marigold flower in hindi

gurus omniscient insight, I thought he would demonstrate that it was childs play to locate the lamp. One was a sylvan retreat on a plain, another on a hilltop, a third by the ocean. Do not fix your spiritual ideal on a small mountain, but hitch it to the star of unqualified divine attainment. Through his guidance, your experiences of the Divine in terms of love and devotion shall be translated into his terms of fathomless wisdom. I fetched a broom; Master, I knew, was teaching me the secret of balanced living. Thus prophetically passed my dearly beloved eldest sister Roma, and her husband Satishhe who changed at Dakshineswar from an ordinary worldly man to a silent saint. I catch hardly a glimpse of you these days! I was born 2 here in Serampore, where Father was a wealthy businessman.

Brother was a supervising accountant for the Bengal-Nagpur Railway. As Jitendra and I descended to the platform, our chance companions linked arms with us and summoned a horse cab. Indias unwritten law for the truth seeker is patience; a master may purposely make a test of ones eagerness to meet him. Yesterday my brother officer and I went eagerly to the designated spot. Perhaps the prince expected me to be the meal of reward! Following your instruction, suppose I never asked for food, and nobody gives me any.

Instruction and chastisement went hand in hand. One fortnight Mother spent, in feeding the poor, more than Fathers monthly income. Guruji, I interrupted, if Afzal could easily secure such things as gold dishes, why did he covet the property of others? Ram Gopal arranged some torn blankets on the floor for my bed, and seated himself on a straw mat.

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An unequivocal conviction came over me that fulfillment would crown any of my prayers uttered in that sacred spot. One restless movement of my body, or my slight lapse into absent-mindedness, sufficed to put an abrupt period to Masters exposition. I extended my hand, which the yogi did not touch. You are already healed. Tell the master, she had said, that I did not know there was any Male in the universe save God; are we all not females before Him? We dashed through the station and entered the freedom of city crowds. Why cry in the eleventh hour? I hardly expected to find you alive, after I had discovered from the specimens that your disease was Asiatic cholera. His freedom is final and immediate, if he so wills; it depends not on outer but inner victories. Come, let us go to the beach. Jitendra said no more as I regarded him sternly.

essay on marigold flower in hindi

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