literary analysis essay on maus

the lucky few who could reach the window of the train. For Anja, the suffering of her friends, on her behalf, displayed not only resistance, but even rebellion. When most people refer to literature that concentrates specifically on the Holocaust as the subjects, the first thought usually isnt in the form of a graphic novel. What's Up With the Title? By using many different strategies, Spiegelman creates a bonding relationship between the image and the text unlike any other graphic novel of his time. Vladek survives, along with Anja, and they immigrate to the United States. Maus Part II: Mickey Mouse is the most miserable ideal ever revealed Healthy emotions tell every independent young. The cover itself contains the most striking and recognized image of that era which is the Nazi Swastika. .

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Another aspect of the visual presentation of Maus is the use of masks to represent the struggle of Jews trying to pass off as Polish individuals. . From these short, succinct, nonsense words, images of battles are painted over a much larger canvas; the delicate balance and constant struggle between good and evil is illustrated in black and white terms. Maus ends without resolving all the tensions it had set up over the course of the entire novel. However, the Holocaust, and other catastrophic events. During the Holocaust, all of the prisoners at the camps were given striped prisoners clothes upon entrance, but Vladeks friend Mandelbaum had been given clothes that simply did not fit. Art Spiegelman- r * Art Spiegelman is the author and narrator of Maus, and also one of the story's main characters. She is French and converted to Judaism in preparation for their marriage to please Vladek.

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