essay about legal internship experience

and Tribunals Section of the uhrc) and Mr Remmy Beauregard (who is the uhrcs Institutional Development Advisor). What knowledge and skills do you possess social issues and the environment essay that in your opinion make you the perfect candidate for our internship program? In the court, our major task was to keep an eye on the item numbers and to observe the court proceedings. At the same time, however, the internship was a crucial opportunity to refine many of the Working Groups initial perceptions by relating them to concrete reality at the uhrc. You need to focus on yourself of course, but also about how your personal qualities can bring added value to the organization. On secondment by the International Human Rights Program (at the University of Toronto Faculty of Law I served as an intern with the Uganda Human Rights Commission (uhrc) during the summer of 2006. Despite the complexities, nevertheless, the final report was able to weave these diverse considerations into a comprehensive set of recommendations aimed at strengthening the uhrcs role in promoting the enjoyment of human rights in Uganda. What are the most unique and personal qualities that you could bring to the table? Application Procedure, through CV and interview, accommodation. Please provide an account of one time where you worked well as a member of a team. Put some focus into why YOU and only you would fit in well with the company.

We were also made to do a lot of research-related to the cases. What is it that youd want to see in a person if you were a key member of the organization? Best thing during the internship was that I got a chance to meet so many new people in my profession and made many contacts, which is very important in this field and there are so many hangout places near the court, which were really helpful. Substantive Engagements, the main project on which I worked during the internship was a comparative analysis between the uhrcs legal framework and that of other national (and provincial) human rights show more content, among these was the view that the process by which uhrc commissioners. Show More, final (summer) internship report BY emmanuel ekiba bagenda. I hail from Jaipur, so I did not need to search for accommodation. Name, College, Year of Study, ayush Kumar Jain, 2nd Year, Presidency University, Bangalore. Think about what your experience could bring to a role and elaborate on the skills youve gained through your experience that would make you a perfect candidate. Dont be afraid to go a little zany and make the sentence short and snappy - your personality could really shine through! I also used to get a legal proposition on which I was made to research. Youve really got to get the reader's attention, so make sure you open with a punchy attention grabbing sentence.

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