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falters, Knudsen's central performance does not. Another fascinating strand of, borgen is how it predicted the real-life rise of Denmark's first female prime minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt, a centre-left Social Democrat who came to power last October, ending a decade of conservative rule. But if you subscribe to the familiar cop-out conspiracy theory that all politicians are self-serving crooks, then Borgen may not be for you. Joyce Carol Oates She may have hated the finale, but no one goes on a 27-tweet tear about anything, especially Mad Men s divisive ending, without secretly loving.

Midsomer Murders with subtitles, or what? Margaret Atwood The authors Guardian essay from earlier this year speaks for itself: Daenerys Targaryen, Mother of Dragons, we wish you well, even though we have trouble spelling your name. B Season 3, listen, Borgen. Borgen, 10 hours of glossy political drama about Denmark's first female prime minister. We are working to restore service). While the tension between politicians, journalists and spindoctors provides plenty of drama and ethical dilemmas not least because of the seemingly perpetually precarious nature of coalition politics there is also space for a consideration of how easily personal wellbeing can be neglected through misguided priorities. The X-Files fifth-season its not surprising that King is a more avid television viewer than the stereotypical novelist.

The Election is an adequate end to this confused season of Borgen, in that i t provides.
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There is something particularly satisfying about the way the second series of Borgen concludes: how it pulls together the personal and.
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It has a much brighter palette and a much lower body count three deaths occur in the first series, all marginal characters, all by natural causes. Borgen is out now on DVD from Arrow Films. So it has been a bizarre experience to find myself totally ambushed and seduced by the three-disc first season. Borgen, like that of Denmark itself, is how quickly it moves from quaint to engrossing, and then from engrossing to addictive. This may be another reason why the show has struck an unexpectedly topical chord in Britain both Cameron and Clegg are reportedly fans. ) Bret Easton Ellis Ever the contrarian.

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