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gives confidence to the students to learn the second language and use it as and when required. For most people learning English, the goal is to use the language to communicate. In these activities learners must work towards a definite solution for a problem. We help ESL students learning English as a second language through free ESL classes and free English practice message boards. I started this website in 2003. I Examples: drilling, question - answers, sentence patterns, etc. Hence, the present research study is undertaken to bridge this gap by finding ways and means to know the difficulties of teachers and learners and develop a methodology that will enable them to improve the standards of teaching/learning process of English at school level. In classroom situation pair work undertaken to complete an incomplete picture is the best example of transferring information as each member of the pair has a part of total information and attempts to convey it verbally to the other.

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So, the strategies involved in this process are important. In order to perform all these roles effectively, teachers should be competent enough in all aspects of language teaching. Richards (2006) summarizes the following principles of CLT: 'Authentic language' in real reflective essay on nursing documentation context should be introduced in the classroom whenever possible. I know I can help, because I've been teaching since 1998 and teaching English as a second language since 2001. This distinction depends on the varying orientation of individual learner.

College students and business people should have the academic experience to make the most of the free online self-directed learning. Learners use language creatively. The social contexts of the communicative situations are essential for giving meaning to the utterances. According to Littlewood, communicative competence means, 'a degree of mastery of a very considerable range of linguistic and social skills which depend in part on the learners' sensitivity to meaning and appropriacy in language and on his/her ability to develop effective strategies for communicating. If you are learning ESL, study English online with. CLT creates congenial atmosphere in the classroom in different ways: the teachers emphasise on fluency and correctness to learn the target language than correcting the structures and giving instructions on language rules or grammar (Mangubai etal, 2004.292) The focus of CLT is on success rather. Characteristics Of Communicative Language Teaching English Language Essay Internet. Hence, English teaching/learning has become inevitable for anyone intending to move onto other states/countries either for higher studies or better careers.

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