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to repel the Israeli armor and advanced once more. So what's not to like about a retreat in the countryside, eh? This was in concert with artillery strikes starting at 14:05 from nearly 2,000 pieces against the Bar-Lev line, and against armor concentration areas and artillery positions, using field guns, howitzers, mortars, tank guns, B-10 and B-11 recoilless rifles. Tests showed that five of these pumps could remove 1,500 cubic metres of sand in three hours. Based on the NetBSD development version from Sep 2009 Source builds native and without root privileges on NetBSD.0 and crossbuilds also without root privileges from Mac OS X (tested) and probably others (untested; expected: Solaris, Linux).

Tenchi in Tokyo Tenchi Muyo! ( Darcy Paquet ) Low Life One of the few bogus things about attending the Far East Film Festival in Udine, Italy, is the fact that I miss the San Francisco International Film Festival. The story revolves around a group of mostly 60-somethings in a fishing community. Outside of the excellent climactic scene where the connection between politics, student activism, and Choi's thuggish business practices is underscored, it is the signs and symbols of this Korean era that stay with me most. The screenplay credited to Pak Cheol-hee and three other writers tries hard to plant red herrings and manipulate the viewer's expectations, only to hinge the entire film on a ridiculously flimsy "twist" ending. One can even see an interesting shot at Corporatist powers-that-be in the use of golf as a weapon.

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