cut down trees essay

few disadvantages, too. APA, mLA, chicago, persuasive Essay: Destroying Trees. Write 120-180 words using the plan. Headteachers at school are doing a brilliant job by picking up the litter. Also school is wasting mire paper by thinking they have enogh but they dont. People should take measures to reduce the amount of deforestation and protect the flora and fauna of the rainforest. Vast forests are cut and burn in fire. The rainforests also help to reduce pollution levels in the atmosphere and affect the weather around the world. On the other hand, the cutting of trees leads to the extinction of animal, disruption of climate. By the lack of litter that i have found in this street and i am very dissapointed please dont litter it is very important that u dont.

Cutting down trees means that we have lesser number of tree species left and this decreases the biodiversity. Schools are all coverd in litter and it very important that u dont because u can still get in trouble even when u are younger. Tree leaves also give off water molecules to the environment that become a part of the water cycle and come down as rain. Because we need O2 and give off CO2, and because trees and plants breathe CO2 and give off O2, if one group is not there then the other will die.

Cutting down too many trees will result in nature being gone very soon. Taking away the homes of creatures, allowing them to completely die off, and then restoring the habitat wont bring them back. People cut down trees to build houses, roads, factories and plants. The most apparent advantage is using trees to make different things like paper and other beneficial ones. Furthermore, deforestation is contributing to global warming because there are fewer trees to absorb the carbon dioxide in the air. Despite all the benefits, I think that people beauty of mother nature essay need to reduce the cutting down of the trees, otherwise the consequences could be terrible. For example, plant new trees after. Logging companies cut down trees to sell the wood, farmers clear the land to grow food crops, people build towns and roads where the forest used. Almost everyone knows that the most part of tables, chairs, closets are made of wood and there is no wonder in this fact. Fewer trees means lesser rains. Trees refresh the air we breath so by chopping them down we will have a poorer air type No shelter for animals. Wood was the first type of fuel, it was used more ancient people: in their pockets to find parking ash.