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only one that makes sense to me, IF THE publication IS juse-worked master'S thesis. Therefore, the following would warrant an acknowledgement in the manuscript: Assistance with editing/reviewing manuscript (.b. In this article he addresses ethical issues "On Authorship and Intellectual Property Rights." He suggests that the leaders of research groups make it clear that there is a 'statute of limitations' on research results - that is, if the junior researcher (student doing a thesis. Additionally, authors are expected to keep the research data that the study is based on for later examination, and should provide information about any commercial or non-commercial conflicts of interest. Handling authorship disputes Guidelines governing co-authorship vary between disciplines and even research groups. The student collects the data and, of course does the dissertation write-up, which is unsuitable as a short publication. Moreover, deliberately leaving off someone who qualifies for co-authorship (as noted in the list above) is unethical.

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Co-authorship in physics behind the scenes of cern. If the student is a co-author and can't be located, publication can be delayed. Minor advice generally does not warrant co-authorship. A notable contribution solving logistical problems in the setup of the project. Here is a copy of the original questionnaire; following that is the results. The paper that describe this methodology might include the student, but should really be first-authored by the technician. The student is always (or nearly always) shown as the first author on a journal article. Most publishers require signatures of copyright release forms from all authors prior to publication. Co-authorship influences the financing of research. But our department does have a practice of getting undergraduate honours dissertations published, usually in sources such as Psychological Reports.

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