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slaves. The first argument was a religious one. His narrative became and eye-opener for those who did not realize all the truth about the institution of slavery before. Slaveholders used tortures and could leave old or ill slave to die in the forest. He describes his own experience and it becomes evident that slavery has nothing to do with the protection of slave and taking care of them. Despite Douglass was a son of a white slave-owner he was born as a slave because his mother was a slave. Douglass does not use persuasive arguments and loud words. Douglass developed a strong anti-slavery position. Proponents of slavery stated that this practice was described in the Bible when the author talked about the descendants of Ham. Douglass proved that slavery could not be accepted in any form.

Eventually, Sophia succumbs to the mentality of slaveowning and loses her natural kindliness. The result is a path-breaking work that dissolves traditional conceptions of these two seminal figures (Lincoln the "redeemer" president, Douglass the assimilationist). Douglass tells in his book how slaves ate with pearson intelligent essay assessor the help of tree bark. Soon after, he marries Anna Murray, a free woman he met while in Baltimore. Sophia Auld, Hughs wife, has never had slaves before, and therefore she is surprisingly kind to Douglass at first. Douglass breaks myths about poor mental abilities of black people. He resolves to escape to the North eventually. The argumentation of Douglass became a valuable contribution to anti-slavery movement. He proved that slavery was ugly and unnatural phenomenon and could not have been tolerated in normal society. In the process Stauffer gives us the texture and feel-a "thick description"-of the strange worlds that Douglass and Lincoln inhabited. Douglass is separated from his mother, Harriet Bailey, soon after he is born. Life on any of Lloyds plantations, like that on many Southern plantations, is brutal.

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