population growth problems essay

their ways, no one can tell poor countries what. S population, it will be done through starvation and disease. Is population growth good or bad for our world? So we must not sit back and only worry about ourselves, and there must be some change. Abortions and family planning are encouraged however. Well, China is the worlds leading rice producer, their production of food grains has increased by more than 25 due to new technologies and their fishing catch is very successful.

Issue 2 HOW CAN WE deal with population growth IN THE present DAY? The ecologists say that some of the effects can already be seen in China today. Some would see this as a lack of population control on Indias part. Weld explains that when Paul Ehrlich wrote?The Population Bomb? T change our ways soon. This country might be one of the few exceptions in which a large population causes poverty. During this time the health of our planet has also been both harmed and improved in dramatic ways. Now lets take a look at the economic conditions in Indonesia and see what if any effect they have on the population donesia is a developing country but they have a hopeful future. Issue 3 HOW come certain ares have greater population growth than others DO? T resemble eugenics campaign that may start to change the momentum of population growth. This further confuses experts who study population and try to determine why population rates flucuate.

One of the trends that they looked at for this information was the declining productivity of cropland and the availability of clean drinking water. S college students are old and gray, the world? Marx, In the capitalist economy there are two major groups; the bourgeoisie and the proletariat. In fact 60 of Indias population is directly involved in farming which encourages large families, because the more children you have to work the more sucessful the farm. This assusption is in most cases incorrect for a couple of reasons. I think that when we look at population today, you have to remember that drastic measures won? India is a good example of how a poverty can make the population growth rate greater. Malthus says that by thinking about all of the hardships that our children will have to face, we will be motivated not to have them.

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