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lil? Just because a certain percentage of our population is offended doesn? For instance, in the 1850 the constant gardener essays s, Giuseppe Verdi s opera, La Traviata was changed many times because the lyrics were said to be too passionate by the citizens of Naples and Rome (college park: March 28). I believe it is important to keep censorship away. I do not understand why people cannot see what they are doing to other people by censoring their music. Music can be a way of releasing built up tension or anger for a person and having a limited source of music they can listen to can hinder this. They may become rebellious and listen to their music anyway or they may even go further and start imitating some of the artists that they are not allowed to listen to and turn to violence.

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Basically it is the attempt or action taken by any agency to limit or curtail anything in music that a community may find offensive to its beliefs or values (college park: March 28). Is prominent all over America. Against Music Censorship Essay, Research Paper. In 1957, Elvis Pressley was only allowed to be filmed from the waist up on the Ed Sullivan show (Nuzum 1). Delores.?Violent and Pornographic Music Lyrics Should Be Restricted? The most famous case of Wal-Mart censorship is pop singer Sheryl Crow, whose 1996 self-titled album was banned because of lyrics accusing Wal-Mart of selling guns to children. One solution may be in the way people are bringing up their children. These are just some reasons why society is taking this issue too far and something must be done about. Music content is just one of the many issues that puts the First Amendment of our Constitution to work. Nuzum, Eric.?A Brief History of Banned Music in the United States? The documents downloaded from m or its affiliates are not to be plagiarized. That was what music was intended to be for and if someone is going to take away that freedom, then it will come with consequences.

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