essays on life on other planets

(Boyle 1). Oxygen is a chemically reactive gas; without continued replenishment by algae and, later in Earths evolution, by plants, its concentration would fall. Create a clipboard, you just clipped your first slide! The atmosphere would also have to be similar to Earth's. They reported the detection of two planets orbiting sun-like stars. Some scientists believe that there is a giant, salty ocean under its surface because the average temperature is -260* and magnetic measurements taken by the Galileo space craft suggest that there is major activity underneath its icy surface. None of the methods used so far are fine enough to detect Earth-like planets directly. Last October (1999). Select another clipboard, looks like youve clipped this slide to already. To detect them we would have to have a telescope 100 meters in diameter in space but we cannot launch something like that (Dalton and Lambie 2). Allie Hohmann Science: 1A degrees meaning that adapting to other planets would be very hard.

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But gravity depends on the size and density of the body. The main reason why scientists think that Mars could have intelligent life is because there is evidence that suggests that there had been running water on its surface over one million years ago. There are many places that are mainly thought to have life on them; some of those are Mars, Europa, one of Jupiter's moons, and Enceladus, one Saturn's moons. or "is there?, or isn't there?" One of the biggest arguable questions of all time is whether or not there is life other than that on the planet Earth. Are they more intelligent than we are or are they single-celled organisms? These things have been said to be anything from strange flashes of light, to disappearances, or unidentified objects in the sky, or even a mysterious radio signal. Life on other planets, greg, life On Other Planets Powerpoint, angela. One of those is the anthropic argument. While there are many reasons to believe in intelligent life on other planets, on contrast, there are also some reasons that explain how extraterrestrial life wouldn't be possible. This finding leads scientists to believe that the likelihood of there being more stars with orbiting planets capable of supporting life is much higher than we originally thought.

Essays on life on other planets
essays on life on other planets