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Logevall, Choosing War,. I believe the record is clear as to which side has gone the extra mile in behalf of peace, he said. . British and German leaders were with the French on this issue, quietly prodding the.S. Eisenhower, Mandate for Change: The White House Years (New York: Doubleday, 1963.

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Why should the Vietnam War be any different? . 192 Downsizing the ground war The term search and destroy was officially scrapped in April 1968, having become associated with a failed military policy as well as atrocities. . In the summer of 1962, the NLF received its first aid from China, delivered through Hanoi 90,000 guns of various types. Barry himself lost his job as a researcher with CBS news. . 64 The Legal Underpinnings of Government Terror in South Vietnam: Law 10/59, in Gettleman,., eds., Vietnam and America,. Nine delegations began deliberating on the future of Vietnam. . The idea that the enemy could be right in certain cases was difficult for many Americans to accept. The bombings left a lasting lethal legacy as approximately 78 million unexploded cluster bombs remained buried in the ground after the war, causing hundreds of deaths and casualties each year. 205 NVA-NLF simple tunnel system The 559 Engineering Corps maintained the Ho Chi Minh Trail The NLF and NVA studied American weapons systems and attempted to evade or counter them by developing effective warning systems, spy networks, camouflage techniques, clever battlefield tactics, knowledge of the. Most international leaders urged the.S. Bruce Franklin was fired for having urged students to shut down the machinery of war. .