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only) (g) ling 7300 Masters Thesis (3 hours) Elective ww2 appeasement essay courses 5 elective graduate courses (15 hours, excluding ling7000 and. You should keep all members of your dissertation committee aware of the progress of the work, and make sure all of them are aware of difficulties that may require changes in the plans set out in your prospectus. Ling 8150, generative Syntax (d) One of the following courses (formal linguistic theory ling 6022, advanced Phonetics Phonology, lING 6160. Skip to Reed contact information. Darin Language-dependent domains: information access in Italian-English bilinguals 2001 Timothy Robert Sundell Competence, normativity, and the problem of syntactic rule-following 2001 Torah Emmanuel Light Oglander Residual effects of morphosyntactic patterning on the observation of chickens : an exploration in linguistic relativity 2000 Luke Barrett The.

Students should take all required courses listed in (a)-(e) above during the first year of study, if possible. Khan 2018, caroline Wright, why Are We Always the Bad Guys?: Attitudes and Perceptions of Russians in the James Bond Film Goldeneye. In addition, a majority of the committee must consist of regularly appointed Linguistics department faculty members.

This collection contains a selection of recent Masters theses from the department of Linguistics and English Language. When embarking on a dissertation, the student selects a five-member dissertation committee, headed by the thesis advisor. In accordance with Graduate School rules, this committee must contain at least one CU faculty member from a department outside Linguistics. Khan 2017 Chase Re Doremus Parenthood and the Gendered Voice: A comparative acoustic analysis of transgender and cisgender parents' infant-directed speach Khan 2017 Philip Allan Georgis bcms Lexical Prosody as a Marker of National Identity in the Former Yugoslavia Khan 2017 Maxwell Harrison Joslyn Mandarin. Primary and secondary areas of concentration The program of study must include at least three courses (9 hours) in a primary area of concentration and two courses (6 hours) in a secondary area of concentration, to be determined in consultation with your Major Professor and. Khan 2018, terra Friedman, online Catcalls: a Linguistic Form of Sexual Terrorism? The Graduate School has a set of rules and deadlines for submission of the dissertation and scheduling of the dissertation defense. While a faculty member from another university may be appointed to the dissertation committee, this faculty member would not count as an outside committee member. The dissertation must be a substantial piece of work based on your original research, and must constitute a worthwhile contribution to knowledge in the area treated. Khan 2018, gregor McGee, a Semantic Account of Double Modals, pearson 2018.

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