smoking consequences essay

to be cool or maybe lose weight so they started smoking. Not only do you endanger yourself, other people, and your children but people who smoke cigarettes usually end up addicted to together drugs like marijuana. When you smoke, the cancer can be anywhere. The brain needs this chemical because it is the only thing that can tell the other chemicals in the body when to release itself into the body. There are several reasons as to why children or teenagers start er pressure plays an important part.

After awhile these nicotine cells kill off many of the chemical so cells that it replaces in your brain. Nicotines signal is basically the same as one of the brains most important signal chemicals. Nicotine is the reason why people are addicted to cigarettes. The reason your body craves nicotine is also explained in your brain. How much nicotine a smoker needs determines how much smoke they are likely to inhale. When the nicotine goes into the bloodstream, it travels all over the body.

Smoking consequences essay
smoking consequences essay

Unlike nicotine, carbon monoxide does not go to the brain. Over a half a million people die form cancer every year. Therefore, some might be a little slow to stomp on the break and have an accident. Many times the cancer even comes back. Mucosae is the thin layer of skin in your nose and mouth that are full of blood cells. Tar contains several cancer causing substances.

From the survey I took,.9 of people in the classroom knew at least one person who smoked cigarettes In this persuasive speech, I will attempt to persuade you that giving up smoking can benefit you in living a healthy life. The fifth main cause of death is chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases.