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from drug addiction can be a long-term process and frequently requires multiple episodes of treatment. Education was not given a priority in Rosa Lee's growing years. The more drugs available for the taking, the more she can consume. Prolonged use of dangerous drugs, and her high level of stress have resulted in some physical illnesses in Rosa Lee as manifested by seizures, memory lapses and stomach pain. At the age of twelve her father died from the consequences of his permanent alcohol abuse. Family therapy is essential in the healing of Rosa Lee's affliction. She manages to acquire the necessary income for her family to survive in dire circumstances. Even at a late age, she may still be given tutorial sessions on developing literacy skills. Her steady income came in the way of welfare checks which her mother had full control.

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Axis III: Physical Conditions, rosa Lee's prolonged substance abuse/ dependency has caused her a lot of physical illnesses such as memory loss, body pains, seizures, general malaise and most of all, HIV from sharing needles when injecting dangerous substances to the body. Since she never took school seriously after Mrs. She also needs to be prodded to assert herself when it comes to her children who control her emotionally by pushing the right buttons. Such illnesses has made Rosa Lee progressively weaker physically confining her to her bed whenever these attack.

Axis I: Substance Abuse/ Dependence, rosa Lee's manifested symptoms may be diagnosed as Substance Abuse/Dependence. Personally, she is frustrated with how they treat her but she seems helpless as she keeps her feelings usually bottled up inside and how to make india clean essay occasionally pushed to the limit. There were times when there were as many as seventeen adults and children living together in one apartment. When Rosa Lee eventually became a drug addict herself, it became so natural to her and her children to share the illegal drug use. The paper provides Rosa Lees psychosocial history, current status and indicators of substance abuse in various aspects of her life. Addicted individuals may require prolonged treatment and multiple episodes of treatment to achieve long-term abstinence and fully restored functioning. But once in the city they faced barriers in housing, education and employment. From childhood, it was shown that she was a slow learner and her inadequate literacy skills has led her to troublesome consequences (e.g. In order to look for love, Rosa Lee turned to boys in the neighborhood and got pregnant with her first child at the age of thierteen.