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the surname Heggae (or Pergae are the dharmadaris (chief trustees) of the whole complex. There are smaller temples dedicated to the four dharmadevats and Aappa (a benevolent spirit). The temple is considered unique 2 since it belongs to the, shaiva sect of Hinduism. 12 13 Lokmanya Tilak Organised the programmes like Ganesh fast food nation summary chapter 6 Chaturthi and Shivjayanti to preach Religious Harmony among the people. There are several buses that ferry pilgrims on a daily basis to the village. Dharmasthala was originally known as Kuuma (or Kouma). 4, for popular film stars in India like. According to the local legends, a pious Jain couple who lived here, were commanded by four dharmadevats to establish a temple for themselves.

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Of Temples And Basadis: Tourist Places In And Around Dharmasthala.
Dharmasthala has become an example of religious co-existence.

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Dhammika, ml Agrawal, Sadananda (2000 r Khravela, Sri Digambar Jain Samaj, Cuttack, Orissa Khajuraho, Kanhiayalal Agrawal, The McMillan Company of India, 1980,. Myths of composite culture and equality of religions. Hindu view of Christianity and Islam. Chief Attraction, the temple of iva, now known as Majunthevara, is the central shrine and the chief attraction of the pilgrims. The deities of the temple are.

The temple is famous not just for its ancient structure, but also for the fact that it is run by Jains, while the daily worship is done by Hindu priests.
Sri Dharmasthala Manjunatha Temple, Dharmasthala, Karnataka, India.
Dharmasthala (Tulu/Kannada is a temple village on the banks.