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order to receive optimal health, humans require a various, well-balanced diet that includes a complex mixture of both macronutrients. Frightened and inspired by these role models, overweight and even teenagers that are healthy according to their BMI (Body Mass Index) continue with strict dieting and exercise regimens. As for unhealthy, it has more risks than benefits. Dieting pills are said to be for obese people. It can lead to obesity, cause eating disorders, or be the source of nutrient deficiencies.

This gives one a break from the normal schedule while giving one a way to relieve stress. The other type of pill is a fat absorption inhibitor.

Francis William Newman ". Essays, on, diet ". With society searching for all the answers on their computers, we may soon be finding solutions to what and how we should be eating.

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Medias Influence on Adolescent Body Image 1459 words - 6 pages. In fact, People should keep exercise at least three times per week and minimum 30 minutes each time. Even though it is said that weight loss medications do work, people taking them are encouraged to exercise and eat right so that one is not only losing weight but also being healthy. Being Healthy Diet, healthy diet means maintaining balance of nutrition diet and engaging with activates fitness or exercise. Moreover some group of people should to be starving for diet, but that is wrong way, because they would lose some weight but in the mean time they will lose muscle and vitamins. One is healthy and the other one is unhealthy. In my daily, I do not have time too much to exercise but I like to walk and go to fitness twice a week or sometime I go to jogging in the park and around the neighborhood. Some people have a higher tolerance so ones body gets used to the medication and it no longer works for them. This shows that men also participate in dieting behaviors. A type of pill that people commonly use is the water pill. The dieter can choose a healthy or unhealthy way to achieve their goals.