enterprenueship and self employment essay

not included in your earnings and accounts receivable system thesis you get what you receive. Compensation, self-employed individuals receive payment directly from their clients, generally via cash, check or electronic payment service. Requirements, self-employment carries far fewer requirements and restrictions than entrepreneurship. Some of them are, Need to be flexible. The major difference is the fact that entrepreneurs' clients pay the entrepreneurs' businesses, while self-employed contractors' clients pay the contractors directly. An entrepreneur can have any number of employees working for his company, but it is possible for an entrepreneur to operate a one-man company. If you are not a morning person, then you set your schedule based on when you get back and work with an extra zeal and focus. No worries about the approval process and no more waiting time. Drama Free environment: We always love to work in a team as we get the responsibility divided and hence also the work pressure.

enterprenueship and self employment essay

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Same goes with the female workforce also. There are also many other advantages you avail when you are your own boss. This is one of the advantages of self reliance. You can get to take calls and clients based on what suits you and you can schedule your work from any place you want, be it your home or a coffee shop. They are working as freelancers who help the projects to be executed based on the expertise that they have to offer to the company. Entrepreneurship and self-employment easily can be confused, but there are distinct differences in the definitions of these terms. Entrepreneurs can work in any of these environments, as well, but they often work in offices owned or rented by the companies they own, sharing work spaces with employees who work for them. It is your schedule hence, making you more responsible regarding your planned day! You might end up solving your personal issues more than your work issues.

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