essay on culture and ethnocentrism

essay is 100 guaranteed. To call the police is a big waste of time because many other riders do not have a license. Cultural relativism, unlike ethnocentrism, does not consider one culture to be superior to another. Powerful Essays 584 words (1.7 pages) - Are we limited in knowledge, in imagination, and in understanding by the culture we grow. Cultural relativism and ethnocentrism are the two flip sides of one coin where both of these rather philosophical notions are intertwined. My family was raised to follow directions from my elders and thats what we did. In other words, are we ethnocentric, and if so is it a bad thing. The relativism component comes into play in the sense that there is no "right" or "wrong" in a society's interpretation of different life events and components, and that their views must be taken into context based on the society itself. Upper Saddle River, New Jersey 07458. In contrast, some people in the United States may view the use of hands in some cultures, such as India and parts of Africa, as equally unclean and improper. To answer that, one must understand what ethnocentrism.

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Ethnic refers to cultural heritage, and centrism refers to the central starting point. All the nations come up with their specific sects of cultural and ethnic values and norms. (n.d.) Welcome to Sociology. So, this very notion does not propagate becoming judgmental or harsh towards any specific cultural value and norms. To claim no ethnocentricity would be to separate oneself from ones own culture. Retrieved 20:54, August 21, 2018, from. This tendency has been, perhaps, more prevalent in modern nations than among preliterate tribes. It never took dedekind essay on the theory of numbers importance to me of how our traditions affected our everyday life. tags: essays research papers Powerful Essays 562 words (1.6 pages).