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This way the public opinion will always coincide with public policy. In Federalist.10 James Madison talks of the advantages of a republic over a democracy. On December 19th 1998, the.S. By reading the public opinion the lawmakers are best able to discern what the people want. Because America is a representative republic, and not a true democracy, public opinion is very important. Public opinion should aid in the formulation of public policy; it should not control. They are able to look at an issue much more in depth than the average person, thereby making a much more informed decision. I just think it is time for the elected officials in this country to stop hiding behind the polls and become accountable for their actions. At the time when the Constitution was written, and the Federalist papers were published, American voters were much more knowledgeable about the political process than the voters of today.

opion essay

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This form of democracy should be a part of every state. They devote their careers to the study of policy. There is a political pop quiz run by the Washington Post. If a person is unhappy with the way an elected official is doing his or her job then they can vote them out of office. House of Representatives voted to impeach President Clinton. By becoming involved in an initiative or referendum issue people become more knowledgeable about the current issues of the day and governmental procedure. Each time there is an issue to be decided, a person can vote yea or nay. The Clinton Impeachment trial.

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