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was three years older. The concentration camp was nothing like Auschwitz, where there were gas chambers. After a while the Nazis started to look for hiding Jews all over Amsterdam, so one of the helpers build a bookcase (that can move) to hide the doorway to the Annexe.

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Annelies Marie Frank, better known as Anne Frank, was a young girl who had witnessed the cruel and tragic things in World War. The Holocaust was when Nazis (German soldiers) tried to take over Europe. In it she wrote, I still believe, in spite of everything, that people are really good at heart. Hitler is responsible for killing over 6 million Jews during wwii. Margot and Anne were carefree girls and they had many friends in their neighborhood. Three month after Annes birth- day Margot receives a call-up to Westerbork camp, with the threat that the entire family will be arrested if Margot does not report. Research Papers 1234 words (3.5 pages) - The Diary of Anne Frank The Real Heros The Diary of Anne Frank could not have been written without the selfless help. Anne Frank is famous because she wrote in her diary during the Holocaust. People in Bergen-Belsen were commonly killed by getting shot, starving to death, being hung, or died from an untreated disease. Anne's mother was killed the January of that year; and her father survived.

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