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the proposal, the completed Honors Thesis Proposal is submitted for departmental comment and approval by 5 pm of the Friday of the 4th week of classes. For these and other reasons, approximately half of our graduating majors each year have become involved in collaborative research with faculty mentors during the academic year or in the summer. Almost all assignments, no matter how complicated, can be reduced to a single question. Research, methods tutors on your course will be able to advise kozol essay on the availability and accessibility.

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Remember, you will be taking Independent Research as a full-fledged course, and you should expect to spend a substantial amount of time each week on your research project. The best way to become involved in research is to discuss the possibility of collaborative research with the professor whose research interests lie in the area of biology that most piques your curiosity. Paper Structure Citations and References contains only the papers cited in your work o o use the best and most up to date literature make sure its relevant dont overdo it avoid self-glorification must be correct and complete citation information o can they find. The extent to which you will meet with your advisor or consult with the thesis tutorial leader will largely be determined by you and your advisor to keep the thesis moving along until the due date at which timeit will be submitted to your committee. These seminars are designed to give structure to the thesis process. Additional appendices (presented at the top of the page) provide information on specific policies and resources for student research in the department.

Is its style exciting or boring? Research students should expect to spend time each week working in the lab, reading published research papers, caring for living material, etc. Is the paper easy to follow and understand?

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