cell phone texting while driving essay

driving, but she was not the person using the cell phone, the other driver was. Use of cell phones in drivers have been linked too frequently in accidents. No one will ever know the answer. Essay, lab questions at eNotes, cell phones can be positive teaching tools, but they can also be detrimental to the environment in the classroom.Introduction.

The Use of, cell, phones, while, driving is Dangerous Cell, phone, use, while, driving, essay

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cell phone texting while driving essay

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Now Linda's smiling face is on billboards across the country including one along Interstate 40 near downtown, which towers above drivers who continue to risk "Death by Cell Phone." "Awareness is always the best approach up front to see if you can get people. It was documented by Robert Roy Britt, the publisher of this article, that "the impaired reactions involved seconds, not just fractions of a second, so stopping distances increased by car-lengths.". Texting while driving causes distraction and increases their nightmare essay 200 words chances of getting involved in car accidents. Their reactions are impaired, but they are driving so cautiously they were less likely to smash into somebody." But in real life, he added, older drivers are significantly more likely to be rear-ended because of their slow speed." (Britt). According to Strayer and his colleagues, those people are wrong. Even though fifty states have enacted laws that prohibit texting while driving, many of these laws are not reinforced by the lawmakers to limit the number of accidents that occur annually. Cell Phones while Driving papers, term papers, free, cell Phones while Driving samples, research papers, helpAs people become more independent on cell phones, nowadays most people using cell phones while driving. Using their cell phones while they are driving. People may and probably will argue these are not dangerous or distracting at all, but in fact, they are just as distracting. Such as, driving, by taking focus off of the road and focusing on your phone, this is a bad move. In more ways than one, using a cell phone while driving has been proven to be a dangerous thing for people.

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