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to buy certain things and also to make the most economical journey (by not retracing their route for example and by visiting certain shops and not others). This area is closely attuned to the sensory training, for without knowing how to feel and hold a pencil; a child cannot learn how to write. Amsterdam: Montessori-Pierson Publishing Company Montessori, Maria. Montessori references the Self-Help social experiments carried out by Mary Lyons in the 1830s as an informer to her method of education for this plane. She graduated as a doctor of medicine with honours in 1896 from the University of Rome. The infants memory is particularly tenacious according to Montessori (1936) and the hunger to form oneself using the environment is insatiable. And thirdly Montessori observed a need in the child of six to associate himself with others, not merely for the sake of company, but in some sort of organized activity (Montessori, 1948b). As a consequence of this sensitivity of the mind there is a lot of cross over between the social and cognitive development, both equally contributing to the acquisition of culture. This leads to directing or facilitating, the child's interest in and use of the didactic materials, exercises and games. He posited like Montessori that children learn many things without really thinking about how they are learning. To move from mere understanding to imagination Montessori exclaimed the need for a concrete approach to abstract things.

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Another example of a sensitive period Montessori observed is that of order. As already described above, Vygotsky (1962) highlights that language is a good example of this. An internal maturation takes place after every cycle of activity ends with consolidation and by six years old the process of bringing order to the chaos is often complete. This disposition changes during the ages 3-6, where Montessori observed new unique tendencies. Finally causes great depression essays education of the child was not only available to the elite of society but to all 5-12 year olds.