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and arrived in Philadelphia in time to help Madison and other members of the Virginia delegation to draft a proposed plan of government, known as the Virginia Plan. The Articles gave Congress virtually no power to regulate domestic affairs-no power to tax, no power to regulate commerce. . Letter from John Dawson to James Madison, April 15, 1787. Rodney Family Papers, Manuscript Division, Library of Congress (48.00.00) Digital ID# us0048, us0048_1, us0048_2, us0048_3, us0048_4 Confederation Congress Elects A President Between March 1, 1781, when the Articles of Confederation were enacted, and November 5, 1781, when a new Congress convened, Samuel Huntington and Thomas. George Washington Papers, Manuscript Division, Library of Congress (51.00.00) avid mandala essay rubric Digital ID#s us0051, us0051_1, us0051_2, us0051_3 Annapolis Meeting Leads to a Broader National Convention In September 1786, delegates from five states met in Annapolis, Maryland, ostensibly to discuss barriers to trade under the Articles of Confederation. Marian Carson Collection, Manuscript Division, Library of Congress (136.00.00) Digital ID # us0136 United States Continental Congress. Home, exhibition Overview, exhibition Items, public Programs, learn More.

The protest was one of several that exposed the need to curb the excesses and inequities of state governments and led men such as Knox and Washington to seek remedies in a stronger national government. Charles Pinckney of South Carolina asked whether proponents of the plan "meant to abolish the State Governments altogether."  On June 14, a competing plan, called the "New Jersey Plan was presented by delegate William Paterson of New Jersey. . The hundred day debate known as the. Serial and Government Publications Division Library of Congress (049.02.00) Digital ID# us0049_02p1 Discover! Each was to have a republican government with an executive, legislative council (upper house assembly, and judiciary. New York, NY: Bloomsbury, 2009.

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Thomas Jefferson Papers, Manuscript Division, Library of Congress (050.02.01) Digital ID#s us0050_02p1, us0050_02p2 Read the transcript Madison and Washington Consider Confederation In 1785, James Madison and George Washington were in the midst of a written conversation about ways to create a stronger national government. Marian Carson Collection, Manuscript Division, Library of Congress (136.02.00) Digital ID# us0136_02 United States Continental Congress. Both men believed that the confederation government might have to sink lower before the time would be right for a successful meeting of Politico-Commercial Commssrs. 70, delegates had been appointed by the original states to attend the Constitutional Convention, but only 55 were able to be there. Delegates from smaller states, and states less sympathetic to broad federal powers, opposed many of the provisions in the Virginia Plan. . One vigorous debate surrounded whether the government's executive should be a single person or a board of three. Instead, the plan enlarged some of the powers then held by the Continental Congress. . According to the Articles, the president of the Congress presided only over Congress; George Washington, chosen after the ratification of the Federal Constitution, was the first president of the United States. John Rutledge (nicknamed Dictator John was in charge of drafting the Constitution. Lancaster: Francis Bailey, 1777. Thomas Jefferson Papers, Manuscript Division, Library of Congress (046.03.00) Digital ID# us0046_03p1.

In 1787, George Washington was persuaded to attend the Constitutional Convention a nd subsequently was unanimously elected its president. (1732-1799) During his lifetime, George Washington was admired, respected. Fro m the Continental Congress and the Constitutional Convention, 1774 to 1789. Every state but Rhode Island sent delegates to the Constitutional Convention in Ph iladelphia. George Washington was named president.

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