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in a good condition, set in the original decorative frame; it was not relined, the canvas is stretched on the original bottom frame. Very subtle is the painting of eyes and shadows in the face. Majlth von Szekely (Bratislava Budapest) 31 Balen.: Dva portreta Friedricha Amerlinga iz fundusa Galerije likovnih umjetnosti u Osijeku., Zwei Bildnisse der Friedrich Amerling aus dem Bestand der Galerie der bildenden K√ľnste in Osijek VDG, jahrbuch 2005, 75,77., the last two portraits are in the.

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Ferdinand Maria von Chotek Archbishop Office in Olomouc KE erling 1835 canvas fairly coarse. 29 He went to New York to learn the import-export trade, hoping to find a business to support his marriage to Lucy. Amerling used primarily two types of grounds, both bonded with oil (light ground and double-layer ground with a yellow bottom layer and a white top layer). The first rituals in the Pardubice region were performed by Jos Alvarez, a Peruvian mestizo healer and painter, who became famous because he cured one of his epileptic clients. Though he met Thomas Sully, one of the most famous portrait painters of the time and a valuable ally, Audubon was rebuffed for publication. Gainsborough and also. Pozdji psobil i v Mnichov, navtvil i Zheb.

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