american dream education essays

major points in our pledge of allegiance but it is also what every american citizen has the right. These courses provide diverse perspectives on how human beings think and feel, solve problems, express ideas, create, and discover new knowledge. Rights that cant be taken away: equality for all men. Diversity is the next word that I chose. Those individuals, who do not attend college, will not receive a liberal education. Some presume the dream of becoming an engineer, a medical doctor, an athlete, a politician, or even maybe following their fathers footsteps and carrying on the family tradition of owning a restaurant. Martin Luther King,., the American Dream is found in the words of the Declaration of Independence, We hold these truths to be self-evidence, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by God, Creator, with certain inalienable Rights, that among these are. On the other hand, unemployment rate for those with less than a high school diploma.2.

The words I chose to represent the american dream are, Equality, happiness, success, wealth, justice, independence, freedom, diversity, acceptance, and opportunity. 1472 Words Jan 18th, 2013 6 Pages. In fact, colleges train individuals to be critical thinkers and to help them acquire specialized skills to make informed decisions to improve the societys state of living. Highlight Text to add correction. This includes freedom of speech, expression, and religion. The last word that I think most accurately represents the american dream is freedom. Use an editor to spell check essay. Colleges give students the opportunity to research and study their preferred subjects in depth. Since 1869 every president of the United States has had a college degree except President Grover Cleveland from his poor eye sight and President Garry. In my opinion, these words accurately and most importantly represent the american dream because, not only do they represent us individually, they also represent us as a whole.

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