essay on kargil war victory

The Resurgence of Baluch nationalism by Frdric Grare. The Indian military introduced aerial attacks in that terrain. With the outbreak of clashes in Kashmir just a year after the nuclear tests, many nations took notice of the conflict and desired to end. The protection of that route and the recapture of the forward posts constituted ongoing objectives throughout the war. Image Source: m, it has no intention of interfering in the internal affairs of any other country But after Pakistan lost every war i need help write my narrative essay they started terrorism by sending intruders in India specially in Punjab and Kashmir to achieve its goal. Since independence Kashmir has always been a bone of contention between India and Pakistan. One militant group even claimed to possess chemical weapons, later determined a hoax, and even the gas masks had been likely intended by the Pakistanis as protection from an Indian attack. Other less popularly used names included "Third Kashmir War" and Pakistan's codename given to the infiltration: "Operation Badr." Note (II) : Casualties: The exact count of Pakistan army losses has been more difficult to figure out, partly because Pakistan has not yet published an official. In spite of that, some of the militants still holed up refused to retreat, and the United Jihad Council (an umbrella for all extremist groups) rejected Pakistan's plan for a climb-down, instead deciding to fight.

It takes away thousands of lives. Leaving behind thousands of widows and orphans. The financial burden due to war affects the. Related Essays : Essay on the Kashmir Problem.

Kargil consists of three major sectors, Batallick, Daras and Mashkoh valley. Pakistan has desired to grab Kashmir, an integral part of India. The foremost plan was to keep the how to talk about death in college essay crucial-Leh highway free from the Pakistani threat. Lakshya (2004 a Hindi movie portraying a fictionalized account of the conflict. Victory, when it finally came, left the Indian flag drenched in blood.

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