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phrase to mean that the United States was predestined to control the entire continent because God wanted it that way. Had place upon these foreign countries their political influence. On April 25th 1898, the Spanish-American War had officially begun. Specifically, font size for academic essay imperialisms evolution may be seen through United States foreign policy from the expansionist policies of the Spanish-American War to the current ideological and economic motives behind the War on Terror. On June 2nd 1899, the official Philippine-American War started. Many believed in imperialism for economic reason while others believed in it because they thought God had chosen the Anglo-Saxon to become the leaders of the world. Whether they will or no, Americans must now begin to look outward. The Platt Amendment gave the US some economic and military control of Cuba.

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The United States did not want lose these possessions and desired to show the world that they are powerful. After much trouble from Knox, Zelaya finally resigned in 1909. The renewed treaty gave United States control of Pearl Harbor, an extremely fine natural port. The first overthrow took place in Hawaii where the queen was relieved of her position. However, the numbers of cause are debatable. The alarmed Thurston quickly wrote a letter to John. Many believed that a growing country, such as the.S., would not be able to survive or become stronger if it did not extend its trade and influence. The term Manifest Destiny was utilized during the 1840s as propaganda, justifying imperialism. After the brief command of Jose Madriz, Juan Jose Estrada took over the country, and the new conservative government was much admired and supported by the United States.