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students in regards to academic integrity it seems that the use of technological advances needs to be evaluated in the online setting as well as the classroom as to whether it is acceptable for use or considered cheating. All students should act with personal integrity, respect other students' dignity, rights and property, and help create and maintain an environment in which all can succeed through the fruits of their efforts." - ml#49-20, as part of student learning experience student will have a number. 109) It really hit home with me as to the society we live in and what is acceptable. (Psalms 25:21, NLT) As a Christian business student, I have always felt it to be my responsibility to act in a manner with integrity in life as well as in all my school work. When a student is allowed to cheat, the student is not fully prepared for the workforce, and the university's reputation may be compromised, as the knowledge, skills and professional competence of the student don't accurately represent his learning opportunity. It also needs to be determined as to what constitutes cheating and what is acceptable. Show More, introduction Are students perceptions of academic integrity the same in the online environment as they are in the classroom? Academic integrity for me means giving credit where credit is due; if you have to" or cite someones work in your paper then you should show the source from which it came from.

(Galatians 6:5, NLT) I found the ways to improve online accountability very interesting, like using Skype or fingerprint recognition as well as locking students out of internet sites during exams. There is a lot of information out there correct and incorrect and you will definitely want your readers to get the correct information. It is expected that in producing an assignment, student may need to read and gather information from a range of sources including books, journals, official reports, newspapers or material from the Internet as well as ideas generated in discussion with colleagues and other students. Information is so available these days that the standard of memorizing information rather than understanding the concepts is antiquated.

Assessment tasks will vary from subject to subject and can range from problem-solving to reporting on experimental data to the development and presentation of coherent and cogent arguments. Taking someone elses work and trying to use it as your own is plagiarism and doing so can cause you to get into a lot of trouble. Will anyone know if you submit a friends research paper? Once you post something on the internet you are responsible for it so if you want the comments on your blog to be a certain way then you can control it by creating a comment policy. Academic integrity is a commitment, even in the face of adversity, that is based on five fundamental values including honesty, trust, fairness, respect and a responsibility for your actions. Many bloggers get caught up in wanting to be the one known for getting the story out first, that is great only if you get it the correct way not stealing. Journal of Business and Education Leadership. How do you cite the resources you borrowed or"d from the original author? When material is posted on the internet it is copyrighted make sure as a blogger you respect those laws if not you can be making a big mistake that might cost you a lot. Academic integrity also encourages students to become honest, hard-working and distinguished members of their communities. Full Answer, academic integrity within a program of study raises the bar of learning and ensures that the program is reputable.

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