essay on yamuna river in sanskrit

him that she was Kalindi, the daughter of Surya, and that she was living in a house constructed by her father in the river where she has been was performing austerities with intent to have Vishnu as her husband. 8 Other pilgrimage sites along the river banks include Yamuna's source Yamunotri, Mathura and Bateshvar. In the Purushamedha rite in the Shatapatha Brahmana, a mother of twins is sacrificed to Yami, while twins are offered in the Taittiriya Brahmana. Once, he was frolicking with the gopis on the river banks and desired to play in the waters. The, agni Purana describes Yamuna's iconography. The god of love Kamadeva shot Shiva with the arrow Unmadastra, that made Shiva restless and excited. As a companion of Yama, Yamuna is often called Yami in the Vedas. Upper (224 km Delhi (22 km Eutrophicated (490 km and Diluted (468 km) -of which the last three are much polluted.

Essay on yamuna river in sanskrit
essay on yamuna river in sanskrit

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The first month absolved him of sins and the second one granted him place in heaven. An angry Balarama dragged the river by his weapon the plough and changed its course, hurting the river goddess. While Yama is depicted as the Lord of Death, Yami is said to be the Lady of life. Intoxicated with liquor and experiencing heat of the alcohol, Balarama felt to take a bath in the river. And the planet Saturn (Shani).She is described as Surya's favourite child. Krishna defeats Kaliya, dwelling in the Yamuna.

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