essays on problems and solutions

it is an important problem. A problem-solution essay is a type of argument. In some countries, especially industrialized ones, the number of obese people can amount to one third of the population. How can we help kids who are in failing schools?

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Obesity and poor fitness decrease life expectancy. Reemphasize the importance of the problem and the value of your solution. Should teachers and administrators who are appropriately trained and licensed be allowed to carry concealed weapons in schools? Dont go for something cosmic like world peace, choose a real life issue you are genuinely interested. Refute objections, this Article Includes, finding a Good Topic, deciding on the Best Solution. Author Derek Soles writes about how the thesis statement in a problem-solution paper differs from a straight "report of findings" type of text: "One expository mode is the problem-solution essay, topics for which are typically framed in the form of questions. Although the source of the noise cannot be eliminated, the problem can be solved." (Maria. Instead, it summarizes the solution.